Ichigo Mashimaro


skin winamp สกินวินแอมป์สุดสวย โปรแกรมฟังเพลงยอดฮิต. [ สมาชิก : aa01 - 15/09/ 2010 - 15:30 ] User. Chobits DN Angel Fruits Basket. Full Moon wo Sagashite ...

I know its big. So what!!! LOLits come from http://www.hiddenskins.comi make this skin in 3 days.indratama
Staff Review:
Huge anime skinHuge anime skin with two similar shades modes. Hummm... those cbuttons looks too familiar to me... Thanks for your submission.Ichigo Mashimaro (Ind1.0) credit : http://www.winamp.com/skin/ichigo-mashimaro-ind1-0/222556